DC-AC Sine Wave Power Inverter DIAsine



  • Input reverse polarity connection protection by built-in circuit
  • DIAsine has the exclusively own built-in circuit of input reverse polarity protection. This circuit protects DIAsine not to get damaged like most of existing inverters even if the battery is connected with reverse polarity. Moreover, the reverse polarity warning LED of DIAsine lights immediately to inform the user the reverse polarity connection. *Patent applied for 

  • Operating silently based on fanless structure
  • The efficient heat design achieved the fanless structure. The fanless structure leads silently operation without the fan-generated noise.

  • Wide input voltage range
  • With the wide range of input voltage, DIAsine delivers diversified applications. Since DIAsine has higher maxium of input voltage than other existing inverter, it is possible to charge battery while the inverter is operating.

  • Wide range of operating temperature
  • DIAsine operates under a wide range of temperature from -20~60℃.
    *DIAsine will not stop the output automatically. Under the environment with temperature exceeding 40℃, please use the load along refer to the derating curve of each model.

  • Pure sine wave output and high efficiency
  • The output waveform is as same as the sine wave of commercial power supply, of which the total harmonic distortion is less than 3%. High-efficiency circuit and switching control achieve 90% efficiency at rated load. It contributes to the stability of the system during operation without extra wasted energy consumption.

  • Swithable setting of output voltage and frenquency
  • The output voltage 100/110/115/120 Vac (100V model), 200/220/230/240 Vac (200V model), and frequency 50/60 Hz easily switch by buttons. DIAsine adapts to areas with different voltage, frequency, and various electric appliances.